Upcoming Events

Monthly South Meeting – November 25th 1:00 pm

First Christian Church
4485 SW Hovde Rd
Port Orchard, Washington 98367


Monthly North Meeting – December 13th 9:30am

Keyport Bible Church
15270 Washington Ave NE
Keyport, Washington 98345


Monthly North Meeting – January 10th 10:00 am

Keyport Bible Church
15270 Washington Ave NE
Keyport, Washington 98345

Monthly Meetings are always free and open to the public for anyone interested in learning about babywearing! We have demos and explanations about the basic types of carriers, general how-to and safety, offer one-on-one assistance, and provide a place of community for babywearers to come together. All skill levels are welcome! Please bring your own carriers if you would like help, or to share with the group! The monthly meeting is also when we open our lending library to members to check out and return carriers.

If you are returning a carrier to the lending library, please be on time and turn it in at the beginning of the meeting! Thanks!

Wrapping Workshops focus on how to use a woven wrap, developing wrapping skills, and learning a couple of carries. These workshops are held every other month, and are free and open to the public. The workshop levels rotate.

Wrapping 101 is a beginner level workshop that focuses on basic wrapping skills, including how to get baby in a good seat, and different ways to get baby on your back. Carries that are taught are a  front wrap cross carry (FWCC) and a basic ruck on the back.

Wrapping 201 is an intermediate level workshop where different front, hip and back carries are taught including a Kangaroo front carry, Robin’s hip carry, a back wrap cross carry (BWCC), and tying variations for a ruck back carry. Some experience and a decent comfort level with wrapping is recommended.

Wrapping 301 is a more advanced workshop where more complex carries are taught, for example, a double hammock (DH), Christina’s back carry, double rebozo shoulder to shoulder (DS2S), Jordan’s Back Carry or Half Back Carry, etc. Experience with different carries, and a solid comfort level doing back carries is recommended.

Play Dates are social events where we come together to spend time with other like-minded families, while babywearing! They are open to the public and are usually free unless the location requires a fee for parking and/or admittance.

Wrap Parties are small, private events held every other month for members only. These are limited to 5-6 members, and are a great opportunity to get one-on-one assistance for a longer period of time than is available at our larger events. Carries are taught based on whatever the attending members want to work on.

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