Lending Library Review- Yaro Turtle Brown Size 4

Budget wraps always hold a special place in my heart. As someone who once thought she could NEVER afford a woven wrap it makes me glad that the market for budget wraps has increased so exponentially. When I started wearing, which wasn’t even that long ago, your only real option were Storchenwiege’s, Lenny Lamb’s and Little Frog’s. Today the economical babywearer has a multitude of brands to choose from, and they range from cutesy to classy.

Our lending library’s Yaro Turtle is a perfect budget friendly wrap. Retailing at $75 for a size 6, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Te wrap is 100% cotton, it’s thin and airy, with just a little texture to give it a little grip. I also really love the neutral color, you can wear it with jeans (or yoga pants, who am I kidding, I don’t wear jeans), or a little back dress (which I also don’t wear, ha!).

To test out the wrap I decided to try a FWCC tied under bum, and a kangaroo carry with my 12lb.  8 week old. And to see how it held up against the might of a toddler, I bribed my 30lb, 2 1\2 year old into a rucksack, and a shepherds carry.

For my 8 week old I really appreciated the softness. While I wouldn’t describe it as “blankety”, or “kitten belly soft”, I also wouldn’t describe it as burlap-y. I happened to be the first one to play with this when it first joined our library, and it was pretty soft on arrival, and has softened further with regular checkouts.

For my FWCCtub, the wrap was easily tightened, and I appreciated the texture and slight grip for this carry in particular. I find with FWCCtub that if the wrap is too slick that the knot can be difficult to secure without baby being able to pop their seat. That was not a problem at all with this wrap

With Kangaroo carry I appreciated the wraps two different sides. The wrap is a bit plain looking compared to some of the more Lisa Frank inspired wraps,, and it adds a bit of interest to show off both the right and wrong side of the wrap. It’s also a really helpful learning tool with this carry, since when you do the shoulder flip it can be easy to get twisted or grab the wrong rail and not notice. But with the two opposing sides its obvious when you’re on the wrong track.

For my rucksack carry with my 2 1\2 year old, the wrap did get a bit diggy, and I had her up for less than ten minutes. There really isn’t much cush in this wrap, which is a bit of a compromise. I did really appreciate the thinness. It was over 75°F the day I wrapped her, and temperature wise I didn’t really notice that I had a huge, sweaty, toddler on my back.

Sheperds Carry is one of my favorites. With this carry we were able to counteract some of the digginess we encountered with the ruck, by spreading the shoulders out a bit. And the second pass helped enormously with bearing her weight. And again, the thin, airiness of the wrap came in handy we weren’t hot at all even with the second pass.

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