IBW 2016 is almost here!

Leaves are falling all around, time we were on our way….to International Babywearing Week! As the leave are changing colors, our older kiddos are back in school and the delicious pumpkin spice has crept into everything, we come together to celebrate and promote the incredible practice that is babywearing.

International Babywearing Week is a week-long opportunity to celebrate, promote, advocate for and focus media attention on the many benefits of babywearing. We get to come together and celebrate with babywearing groups from all over the world. The theme for this year’s celebration is: Best Seat in the House #BestseatIBW2016


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Each day from October 5-11th BWI of Kitsap Peninsula will host an event in our community to get together and spread the joy of babywearing. Not only will there be fun filled activities with all our babywearing friends but each day we will also have some amazing prizes! Each of our amazing volunteers have donated some prizes as well as some awesome local businesses. You can look forward to prizes including:

Waterproof Blanket
Donated by: Poppiez Love

Hair bow
Donated By: Clarity & Co

$25 gift card
Donated By: A Good Yarn Shop

Custom T-shirt
Donated By: Under The Sun

Kids Halloween Goodie Bundle
Donated By: Stephen and Stevie Mackenzie

Headbands and Wallet
Donated By: Amber Carter


Rainbow Babywearing Hoop Art
Donated By: Tamara Younger

Free Membership
Donated By: BWI of KP

Surprise Item
Donated By: Angie Hotz

Luna Baby Size Wrap Tai
Donated By: Blossom Baby

Surprise Item
Donated By: Nola Baby

10 Punch Card
Donated By: Ahoy Kitsap

5 Punch Card
Donated By: Ahoy Kitsap

Surprise Item
Donated By: Ahoy Kitsap

Surprise Item
Donated By: Holly Englehart

Rainbow Babywearing Shadow Box
Donated By: Alicia Young


Donated By: Scoonces Snuggletime

Squishiloones Pants
Donated By: Lacie Ferris

Cleaning Services
Donated By: Brittany LeCryer

Cleaning Services
Donated By: Brittany LeCryer

Hair Bows
Donated By: Carry Om Handwovens

Donated By: Andria Head

Donated By: Chelsea Greywolff

$25 Gift Card
Donated By: Lee Pearson

ZAQ diffuser
Donated By: Jen-Herban Family

Wrap Scrap Necklace and Key Fob
Donated By: Kaleena Anderson

Unicorn Carrier Costume

$50 Gift Certificate
Donated By: Andria Head

Skin Care Items
Donated By: ConSele Products

Lipsense Collection
Donated By: Jessica Guzikowski

$25 Gift Card Lularoe
Donated By: Jessica Guzikowski


If you haven’t already, check out all the wonderful companies that made donations to us this year, and products they sell!

How do you get a chance to win one of these prizes? Simply show up and have a great time! That’s right folks, just showing up gets you a ticket and a chance at winning one of these awesome prizes! If you wear a Babywearing International of Kitsap Peninsula shirt to any event you also earn a second raffle ticket! It’s so easy!

Scavenger Hunt
Along with daily in person events we will also be running a week long picture scavenger hunt that will earn you tickets and chances at our fantastic grand prize: Luna Baby Size Wrap Tai!


The scavenger hunt lists many babywearing photo opportunities so there are plenty of chances to enter to win. You can tag us on Instagram @bwi_kitsap or post your photos on a designated Scavenger Hunt thread in our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/bwikitsap/.

We will post the Scavenger Hunt list on October 5th, the beginning of International Babywearing Week.

Now let’s tell you all about our exciting daily activities!


Wednesday Oct 5th

Join us at Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma at 10am. This has always been a popular event during past years and we are super excited to visit again to kick off International Babywearing Week. So grab your favorite carrier (animal print or not) and let’s get wild!


Thursday Oct 6th

Photo Mini Session 11AM-5PM
Join us for our annual BWI Mini Session fundraiser! Sessions cost a $40 donation (portion of the proceeds going to BWI of KP) and include 5 finished photos digitally delivered for download. Sessions do not have to be strictly Babywearing, you can also do family, kids, pets, breastfeeding, maternity, cloth diapers or any other style of photos you’d like to use your mini session for

To book:
1. send your $40 donation through paypal to: kitsap@babywearinginternational.org
2. Message Ashley Renee or Tamara Younger with proof of payment (screenshot) and preferred time slots. Please choose two preferred available slot times, as spots fill quickly. Multiple slots may be purchased, but slots are filled on first paid first served basis.


Friday Oct 7th

Bingo Night 6PM-8PM
Join us for a night of fun and prizes! Bingo with BWI of KP. Don’t forget your good luck charms at home 😉

Bingo Cards will be $2 each, cash or card at the event. Wear your BWI of KP shirt and earn a free card.

Players must be 18+ years old, but everyone is welcome to attend. New cards must be purchased each round. LOTS OF PRIZES

Feel free to bring and share your fav snack foods as well!


Saturday Oct 8th
We have two opportunities to participate today!

North Meeting 10AM-12PM
Special IBW Celebration! Wear a Babywearing Costume and be entered to win a prize!!!



Tattoo Flash 11AM-9PM
The Clinic Tattoo in Bremerton is hosting a Babywearing Tattoo Flash event. There will be lots of beautiful babywearing designs available so you can find one that best suits your style. Prices starting at just $20 and we will show off the Flash Sheets soon!


Sunday Oct 9th

Pumpkin Patch 10AM-12PM

Creek House Farms is the perfect Pumpkin Patch to enjoy with our little ones! Pumpkins, kid friendly activities, hay rides and a petting zoo!


Monday Oct 10th
We have two park clean up events you can participate in today! Let’s all get together to make some of our favorite locations the best they can be. We will meet up at the park and work as a team to help pick up any litter that has been left behind. Our group volunteer leaders for each location will have garbage bags and gloves available.

Park Clean Up: Gig Harbor 10AM-12PM


Park Clean Up: Poulsbo 5PM-6PM


Tuesday Oct 11th

Art Class 6:30PM-8:30PM
Join BWI of KP for a fun night of painting and great company.

Anna Bradshaw, owner of #CraftWithAnna, will be teaching us how to make our own personalized babywearing art to take home. Art supplies will be provided, all you need to do is show up and have a great time!

Worn infants and young toddlers welcome (if you want to bring them ) we will have a small circle hate as well.

Cost is $15 per person, please send payment to KITSAP@BABYWEARINGINTERNATIONAL.ORG

Tips and Donations will also be greatly appreciated at the event



We are so very excited to see you all and celebrate International Babywearing Week this year!  Please join us in the festivities and help us bring attention to and promote the practice of baby wearing in the Kitsap Peninsula!

Carry of the Week: Week 38 – Rebozo Back Carry


Rebozo Back Carry

Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb_pfDeVEZk

This super simple back carry can be done with as short of a 1 or 2 (really!). Note that because it is only one single rebozo pass over baby, it is meant for babies with good torso and neck control, probably 12mo+ and not prone to leaning or leg straightening.

Post photos below of you trying out a Rebozo Back Carry!

Monthly Meeting-September South

Tuesday Sept 27tth 1:30PM-4PM

First Christian Church of Port Orchard

Monthly Meetings are always free and open to the public for anyone interested in learning about babywearing. We have demos and explanations about the basic types of carriers, general how-to and safety, offer one-on-one assistance, and provide a place of community for babywearers to come together. All skill levels are welcome! Please bring your own carriers if you would like help, or to share with the group. The monthly meeting is also when we open our lending library to members to check out and return carriers.

If you are returning a carrier to the lending library, please be on time and turn it in at the beginning of the meeting. Thanks!

*If you love our meetings and would like to see them continue please think about donating $1 at the welcome table. We appreciate every donation and thank you guys for helping keep our group running!

Monthly Meeting- September North

Saturday, September 10th 10AM-1PM

Gilberton Community Club  8050 Ilahee Rd NE Bremerton, WA 98311


Monthly Meetings are always free and open to the public for anyone interested in learning about babywearing. We have demos and explanations about the basic types of carriers, general how-to and safety, offer one-on-one assistance, and provide a place of community for babywearers to come together. All skill levels are welcome! Please bring your own carriers if you would like help, or to share with the group. The monthly meeting is also when we open our lending library to members to check out and return carriers.

If you are returning a carrier to the lending library, please be on time and turn it in at the beginning of the meeting. Thanks!

*If you love our meetings and would like to see them continue please think about donating $1 at the welcome table, to help pay the fee for some of our locations. We appreciate every donation and thank you guys for helping keep our group running!

**If you or your children are sick, please skip this meeting and catch the next one**

Lending Library Review- Yaro Turtle Brown Size 4

Budget wraps always hold a special place in my heart. As someone who once thought she could NEVER afford a woven wrap it makes me glad that the market for budget wraps has increased so exponentially. When I started wearing, which wasn’t even that long ago, your only real option were Storchenwiege’s, Lenny Lamb’s and Little Frog’s. Today the economical babywearer has a multitude of brands to choose from, and they range from cutesy to classy.

Our lending library’s Yaro Turtle is a perfect budget friendly wrap. Retailing at $75 for a size 6, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Te wrap is 100% cotton, it’s thin and airy, with just a little texture to give it a little grip. I also really love the neutral color, you can wear it with jeans (or yoga pants, who am I kidding, I don’t wear jeans), or a little back dress (which I also don’t wear, ha!).

To test out the wrap I decided to try a FWCC tied under bum, and a kangaroo carry with my 12lb.  8 week old. And to see how it held up against the might of a toddler, I bribed my 30lb, 2 1\2 year old into a rucksack, and a shepherds carry.

For my 8 week old I really appreciated the softness. While I wouldn’t describe it as “blankety”, or “kitten belly soft”, I also wouldn’t describe it as burlap-y. I happened to be the first one to play with this when it first joined our library, and it was pretty soft on arrival, and has softened further with regular checkouts.

For my FWCCtub, the wrap was easily tightened, and I appreciated the texture and slight grip for this carry in particular. I find with FWCCtub that if the wrap is too slick that the knot can be difficult to secure without baby being able to pop their seat. That was not a problem at all with this wrap

With Kangaroo carry I appreciated the wraps two different sides. The wrap is a bit plain looking compared to some of the more Lisa Frank inspired wraps,, and it adds a bit of interest to show off both the right and wrong side of the wrap. It’s also a really helpful learning tool with this carry, since when you do the shoulder flip it can be easy to get twisted or grab the wrong rail and not notice. But with the two opposing sides its obvious when you’re on the wrong track.

For my rucksack carry with my 2 1\2 year old, the wrap did get a bit diggy, and I had her up for less than ten minutes. There really isn’t much cush in this wrap, which is a bit of a compromise. I did really appreciate the thinness. It was over 75°F the day I wrapped her, and temperature wise I didn’t really notice that I had a huge, sweaty, toddler on my back.

Sheperds Carry is one of my favorites. With this carry we were able to counteract some of the digginess we encountered with the ruck, by spreading the shoulders out a bit. And the second pass helped enormously with bearing her weight. And again, the thin, airiness of the wrap came in handy we weren’t hot at all even with the second pass.

img_20160407_194622624 img_20160407_201744448 img_20160411_105246102

Lending Library Review- Beco Gemini

Review by: Nicole, VBE

img_20160407_131854038_hdr img_20160407_132214604 img_20160407_132458305

Nicole’s Beco Gemini Review


Near the end of my pregnancy with my second child, I started really looking forward to trying different carriers that weren’t readily available when my toddler was an infant. The Beco Soleil had become one of our favorite pieces from our lending library. There were a few quirks we weren’t wild about, but once it was adjusted properly it fit the two of us like a glove.

So naturally, I was super stoked to try one of the library’s two Beco Geminis once new baby arrived. The Gemini is a really versatile carrier. The bottom snaps down to accommodate small babies without an infant insert, or to allow an older infant with good head control to face forward for short amounts of time. As baby grows, you make a simple snap adjustment, no rethreading through a waist strap, and you’re on your way.

Another fun thing about the Gemini is that it comes in some really cute prints, and its a pretty economical carrier, retailing at $130, but its not rare to find them on the swap for under $80. Beco has also partnered with the wrap company Tekhni to make semi-wrap conversions. Since I’ve always liked Tekhni, I had my eyes on one of these “Bekhni”‘s, if my tester from the library panned out.

Something we say a lot is that SSC’s (soft structured, or ” buckle” carriers) are like jeans. They all fit everyone’s body a little differently. Just because you and your bestie may be the same size, you each will have subtle differences in your body proportions and posture. Which may lead to one of you absolutely falling in love with a carrier, while it rubs the other under the armpits in an annoying way.

Two things I disliked about this carrier, and about all Beco’s in general really. The first, is they have three point security buckles. This does mean that it would be insanely hard for an errant toddler to reach up and undo your buckle, however it also means that you need two hands to take the carrier off. My issue with this is that my babies don’t like being set down. Like ever. And usually the reason I’m removing them from a carrier is because they are on the verge of losing it. So setting them down causes the whole situation to escalate.

The second thing, is the direction that you have to pull the straps in order to tighten. They are single adjusters aiming from the body panel to under the arms. It is just a very awkward angle to get a good fit on.

The Gemini is a fairly thick carrier, with cushy padding throughout the entire body of the carrier. This makes it fairly rigid as opposed to its Soleil counterpart, which has a double layer of canvas that molds to the baby’s form. My 12lb. eight week old couldn’t quite get comfortable in it any of the times that we tried. It was very easy to nurse in by simply letting out the shoulder straps a bit, latch baby on, and retighten when I was finished. There is also a fold down head support that is perfect for when baby falls asleep.. It snaps down to the front of the carrier when not in use, and has buckles to fasten it to the shoulder straps when you do want to use it. This carrier also allows you to cross the straps in a front carry (and also to perform a hip carry, if you were son inclined). This was nice for me, since because of the shape of my shoulders the shoulder straps made these little points that couldn’t be adjusted away.

I also tried my 30 lb. Two and a half year old in the carrier, mostly just because she was within the 7-35lb weight limit. We tried forward facing just to be silly. It was very uncomfortable for both of us, but we got a few giggles out of it. Then I adjusted the panel to widen it, and tried a back carry. She was far from knee to knee, which isn’t important for development at this stage, but it can definitely help with comfort. The thick cushy shoulder padding was really nice for someone of her weight.

Overall this is a great carrier. Most of the things that I didn’t like about it were just personal preference, I would absolutely recommend this carrier to someone wanting to use an SSC with a young infant, or to someone who would like the forward facing option. While I wouldn’t call it “toddlerworthy”, it certainly did the job and I would absolutely use this with my toddler if I was in a pinch.