We Need Volunteers!!!

Babywearing International of Kitsap Peninsula is a non-profit group that serves our community by helping caregivers learn how to safely and comfortably babywear. We hold 2 meetings each month where the public can try on carriers from our lending library, and paid members can check out a carrier from our extensive lending library for a month at a time. We also do Pop-Up Workshops at locations a little further than our usual meeting spaces which gives more of our community a chance to get help with carriers and see what our library has to offer. We also hold family events, playdates, fundraisers, and talk with teen moms at our local alternative high schools. Babywearing International of Kitsap Peninsula is run 100% by its volunteers.

So, How can you help??

We can always use CSV (Chapter Support Volunteers) and VBE’s (Volunteer Babywearing Educators)!  BUT we could also use kid wranglers, people to welcome our new meeting attendees, people good at social media/promoting, blog writers, carrier reviwers, photographers for candid pictures at meetings and events, help setting up and breaking down for events too!

Here are the two most common questions we hear from people considering volunteering:

I can only commit to one meeting a month. Is that enough to be useful?
YES! Our goal is to have enough volunteers that each person can pick a “home” meeting location near them and focus on attending that meeting each month (of course you’re welcome at all of them as long as you love it, but we are not obligating anyone to volunteer beyond their desire or capability, or to drive an hour each way for a meeting!). And even if you can’t make it to regular meetings, we have outreach events and lots of behind-the-scenes and online projects!

I’m not really interested or don’t have time to become a VBE (volunteer babywearing educator). Can I still help?
YES! Yes yes yes! I mean, we do need volunteer educators, but there are many other options as well.

If you have ever thought about volunteering please reach out to any of our current CSV’s or VBE’s.


This is map showing where all our volunteers are, where we hold events, and meetings. You can see that we can use people in all areas of the county. We can only reach the areas and hold events in places we have volunteers!

The red markers are our VBEs, the purple markers are CSVs, the blue markers are monthly meetings, and the yellow markers are our pop-up workshop locations.
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