Hike It Baby meets BWI

On May 6th BWI-Kitsap VBE’s joined forces with Melissa of Hike it Baby Kitsap. Hike it baby is a free group for families to organize hikes with other local families. BWI was asked to join a hike and be there to help Hike it Baby members out with baby carriers.
It was a beautiful day at Evergreen Park in Bremerton. Once the whole group arrived, We were able to do an introduction, and give one on one baby wearing help to those who needed it. Once we began our hike the kids got to lead the way around a loop ending at the playground. When the hike ended, VBE’s Nicole, Samantha, Jen, and Haylee were able to do more one on one help with baby carriers. Overall it was really fun getting out and getting active in the nice spring weather with the community.