Lending Library Carrier Spotlight – Natibaby Donny Rockstar

Donny Rockstar – Natibaby size 6

This amazing Natibaby linen blend wrap not only has an amazing story (for one of our own ABEs Lori nonetheless) but it has amazing versatility. I have a love/indifference relationship with wrapping, when I love it I really love it, but it has to be a wrap that I love to wrap with; it has to mold well, flop around, and have support. Donny definitely fits my needs as a wrap, my toddler felt weightless and it held up for my 5-year-old as well, bribery may have been involved for that though. It’s a sentimental wrap, as it is made in honor of Lori’s brother who passed away after battling kidney disease and having a transplant, Natibaby donated proceeds in his honor to Make A Wish. These things are completely amazing, and hit home for me as my son passed away after a heart transplant, before he was old enough to make his wish. I was so honored to wrap my princess up in this amazing wrap. I tried a few carries with it, it’s longer than necessary for unpoppable and half Jordan without flip with a toddler, but still amazing to wrap with and I got no complaints from my silent (except when she doesn’t like something) dictator and it was perfect length for half Jordan without flip for my 5-year-old.

-Samantha Garcia, VBE

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