Put A Ring On It!


Sling Rings are great for more than just ring slings! They provide a way to change a carrier either for comfort, carrier variation or to simply add a decorative touch.

You can find sling rings at http://www.slingrings.com/index.php or locally at Earth Bound Family in Poulsbo.

At our “Put a Ring on It” class we showed multiple ways you can use sling rings for different kinds of carries.

Front Wrap Cross Carry:


FWCC with ring


This variation is great because it doesn’t leave a knot behind your back. This would be ideal for babywearers who might find it hard or uncomfortable to tie behind their backs or are planning on sitting back against a chair where the knot could apply pressure on the wearer’s back. The addition of the “tail” piece in front is also pretty and could function as a cover for nursing or sleeping babe.

Robins Hip Carry:

If you have tried this carry and find it hard to tighten, try using a ring! Some fabrics have more texture and make them harder to adjust but the addition of a ring will help the fabric glide easily. This can also “add” a couple inches if you are using a short wrap because then the wrap will loops through the ring instead of having to loop through itself.

Mermaid Ruck Back Carry (For babies who can sit up unassisted):


Example of mermaid carry using a wrap strap Mei tai


This not only is a beautiful wrap variation but it also helps use up some extra length if you find yourself with a lot of tail left over from a basic ruck. You can try this carry with a Large or Medium sized sling ring. Play around and see which you like best This variation could also be used on a wrap-stap Mei Tai.

Mei Tai back carry with rings (For babies who can sit up unassisted):

This variation helps bring in the straps in case you find ruck straps to be uncomfortable. It distributes the weight more across the wearer’s chest instead of straight down their shoulders (similar effect like a tibetan tie off) You want to be sure to thread the straps through opposite sides of the ring to help it lay flat and not tilt up/down one way. This could also be used on a SSC carrier that allows for the shoulder straps to unclip.

Sling Rings have a lot of functions but also are a lot of fun!