Baby wearing survey

Did you know that the average baby wearer is 31?  I, and many others, recently partook in an on-line survey regarding baby wearing.  The results were quite astounding.  Bill Robertson was so kind to allow me to post the results to share.  CLICK THIS LINK FOR MORE SPECIFIC DETAILS.
With 1,482 people participating, the response to this survey was fantastic!
Among other interesting findings, the average babywearer is 31 years old and has 2 children and 7 carriers. In particular, I found the difficulties that babywearers face to be very interesting:
  • Stage 1. Discovering babywearing
    • The number of babywearing options can be overwhelming.
    • Finding knowledgeable resources, particularly in-person support.
    • There is contradicting information, misconceptions, and misinformation.
  • Stage 2. Finding a desirable baby carrier
    • Initially, most only know about carriers offered by large retailers.
    • Finding a suitable carrier once more options are known (i.e., ideal for body type, lifestyle, infant size, and price range).
    • Babywearing terminology and acronyms can be intimidating.
    • High prices and the lack of a trial period inhibit some purchases.
  • Stage 3. Learning how to use a purchased baby carrier
    • Gaining confidence that you are wearing your baby correctly.
    • Ensuring that your baby is safe, particularly for newborns (e.g., fear of dropping, asphyxiation, poor spine/hip alignment).
    • Acclimating the baby to being worn.
    • Learning different carries, especially back carries.
    • Enduring muscle fatigue and back pain.
  • Ongoing: Criticism and pressure from friends, family, and observers.
I hope you enjoyed this information.

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